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Aesthetic addition to the
composition on the wall

One of the most interesting decorative elements used to emphasize the elegance of mosaic-covered surfaces, panels or tiles are glass strips. With a narrow strip you can distinguish between different decorative elements. Strips look great, for example, as a line separating the top and bottom of the tiles laid on the wall.

In our offer are available glass strips of various widths and in a wide range of colors. The length of the strip is adjusted to the needs of the customer, to the size of the ceramic tiles between which the glass strips are to be mounted.

In our offer we have monocolor strips, metallic strips: gold and silver, glitter strips, structural strips, laminated glass strips.

Our standard dimensions are: 1 × 60, 1, 5 × 60, 2.3 × 60, 2.3 × 75, 2.3 × 90. You will find the full offer in our shop.


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