About Glassdex

Our company cooperates with many ceramic tiles manufactures in Poland and all over the world. We make decorations for them which supply their ceramic tiles collections.We also sell through a network of customers in the traditional market.

For our clients we also offer dedicated decorations designed in our company. A company that wants to cooperate can offer:


  • Glass slats in any colour or dimension
  • Glass mosaic in any color and tile dimension
  • Metallic glass slats and tessera
  • Glass decorations in any color and format (lacobel)
  • Glass images digitally printed on any size and with any graphics
  • Glass tessera printed digitally with any graphics
  • Decorations made in laminated glass technology
  • Decorations and slabs on ceramic tiles
  • Ceramic mosaics
  • Glass-ceramic mosaics
  • Service of cutting mosaic tiles

We invite you to cooperate and also to get acquainted with our offer on our website www.glassdex.pl

We will be happy to cooperate with showrooms in Poland and abroad. We also offer the posibility of placing our exhibitors in the sales rooms of our partners.

Z chęcią podejmiemy współpracę z salonami sprzedaży w Polsce i za granicą. Oferujemy również możliwość wstawienia naszych ekspozytorów do salonów sprzedaży naszych partnerów.