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Glass mosaic is one of the oldest forms of interior decoration. The first mosaics adorned the buildings, their interiors, as well as the vessels of daily use already in antiquity. Today mosaics have once again returned to our homes, this time in a glass version. Glass mosaic is also perfect in places where hygiene is required, eg in beauty parlors or swimming pools.

In our offer we have several different types of glass tessera. Each of them perfectly presents itself on the wall. Glass mosaics are also very practical. They are easy to install, and they are easy to clean and easy to clean with almost any dirt.

In our offer we have:


Monochrome mosaic – these are mosaics which are made of glass in one colour. Different models differ in shape and size.

Monochrome mosaic in our shop

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GLITTER MOSAIC – mosaic color is complemented by glitter. Thanks to this, the mosaic looks great in well sunlit places. Reflecting the glitter, the whole wall shines and shines.

Glitter mosaic in our shop

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Metallic mosaic – this is a mosaic covered with a thin layer of metallic luster. In our offer you can find mosaics in many metallic colors. Different models differ in size and shape in cubes.

Metallic mosaic in our shop

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UV printed mosaic – already in production on glass plates mosaic imprint. This can be a large graphic that is divided into mosaic cubes or a small pattern printed on all or only on selected cubes. Printed mosaics look very impressive and give the unique charm to every room.

UV printed mosaic in our shop

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This type of mosaic is characterized by hexagonal cubes. Placed on the wall resembles honeycomb. We offer mosaics in 3 sizes of cubes. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs.

We offer 3 sizes of glass hexagons: 32x32 mm, 48x48mm, 73x73 mm

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Brics mosaic – Mosaic elements are shaped like bricks. Depending on the model selected, the individual cubes may vary in size. In our shop are mosaics bricks in various color options. Depending on customer’s wishes, the mosaic is single or multi-colored.

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Structure mosaic – It is a mosaic, whose elements resemble structures of nature. Among the most popular are glass mosaics resembling wood or rocks. In our offer there is also a wide range of colorful striped mosaics.

Structure mosaic in our shop

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Multicolored mosaic – It is characterized by a standard shape and size, and its only distinguishing feature is the mixed color. The individual packages contain cubes in two or more colors, which, after laying, create an interesting and unique decoration.

Multicolored mosaic in our shop

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