The aesthetics of the rooms as well as their individual character are of increasing importance for us. Most of us dream of a unique interior of our home or apartment and its unique character. In order to realize these dreams, our company has introduced a project realization service which enables us to quickly and easily visualize our bathroom or kitchen.

To complete the project:
  • Choose a collection of tiles and decorations to be used in the project or leave it to our designers.
  • Give the most accurate information to our designer.
  • Provide the exact dimensions of the rooms ie the length and height of the walls, the dimensions of the doors and windows, the dimensions of the beams and recesses and the proposed arrangement of the equipment. The best way to convey this information is to send a construction project or a photo on which to put the exact dimensions of the room.
  • Submit suggestions for your expectations regarding the design of the room.

Contact with our designer:

Monika Bernacka

Tel: 692 310 119


  • The creation of the visualization begins after the payment for the service and the details of the interior appearance.
  • The service refers to the visualization based on the dimensions provided by the Ordering Party
  • The design of the visualization will be made on the basis of the ceramic tiles selected by the Ordering Party as well as the decorations offered by GLASSDEX.
  • Visualization concerns one collection of tiles available in the offer.
  • Once you have selected your collection, you will not be able to change it.
  • Project cost of PLN 200 gross payable to PKO SA bank account 26 1240 3129 1111 0010 3199 4258
  • In the case of changing the assortment being the subject of the project, the contracting party shall pay a fee of PLN 100 gross for each subsequent change.
  • The service provides for a maximum of three amendments to the prepared visualization.
  • For each further amendment, the contractor is charged 30 zł gross
  • Upon completion of the project visualization will be provided to the customer in the form of graphic files by electronic means.
  • Upon approval of the customer, the project will be sent electronically with technical documentation together with the list of used products.
  • If the value of ordered tiles in gross prices exceeds 5000 zł then the customer receives the project free of charge and the amount of advance payment is treated as partial payment for tiles.
  • Delivery time of 2 to 10 days

See our designs below

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